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Engeye Uganda Mission Service Outreach

Engeye, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission revolves around ensuring health and education in rural Uganda. We believe that all people deserve access to quality medical care and a solid education, irrespective of the soil on which one was born.  We operate primarily in Ddegeya Village, Uganda but our health clinic also engages in weekly outreaches to more rural and needy communities and our education branch supports a variety of schools and children in the surrounding region. In Uganda we are registered as an NGO and a registered health clinic in the Lwengo District, west of Masaka.


In working toward improved health, our primary goals revolve around outpatient care with inpatient status offered on an as needed basis, and health education. We provide a variety of medical services in partnership with other local establishments, including birth control, HIV testing and counseling, vaccinations, malaria testing and treatment and a variety of laboratory tests and treatments tailored to the community’s needs.

In an effort to promote general education and economic opportunity, we sponsor and provide scholarships to over fifty individual students, provide support for local schools and offer training and business opportunities for the local community.


The health and educations sectors of Engeye are working toward an ultimate goal of self-sustainability and empowerment of the local community.

Engeye Scholars

The Mission of Engeye Scholars is to support the educational initiative of the Engeye Health Clinic. Specifically, our purpose is to help meet the educational needs of children living in and around Ddegeya Village, Uganda. It is our hope to positively impact the lives of children who may not have the opportunity to seek an adequate education on their own. We will work to do this one village at a time. Please help support this cause and instill hope in the hearts and lives of those less fortunate. You can make a difference and provide an educational opportunity for a child for as little as $20.00 per month. Yes, you can make a lasting positive change in a child’s life!

Click to learn more about Engeye and how you can get involved!

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